I have always been the wonderboy in the family. Growing up in the North, mejo ang hirap being surrounded by mediocre faces. I mean, look at my display photo nalang mga tsong and you'll see what I mean. I am the boy your parents warned you about. not in a bad way huh, in a sexy, hunky way (wink).

My other alias is Panty Dropper, Chick Magnet and Crushy. I know mejo nakaka hiya being called that way but I am only human (not ordinary human but a special kind).

I am also known as the traffic stopper. Pag nag step nako sa road, parang name-mesmerize sila sa pagka cute ko so they stop their cars and ask for direction (though alam ko na ginagawa lang nila yun to talk to me).

Sa girls, they have this thing called "cat call". Sakin siguro I think ang tawag sa ginagawa nila sakin is "cute call". I mean lagi nalang may sumisitsit sakin lalo na if I'm in front of police stations (I think coincidence lang) which is really awkward.

Matagal ako naging single kasi mejo pihikan me. Plus I don't like girls to fight because of me. I don't want my GF to feel jealous lagi.

Okay that's it for me now. Even cute guys need beauty rest.

XoXo ,